Coaching Programs

Want to change your emotions attached to circumstances in your life? Do you have desire and willingness to change your life? If you have desire and willingness to change, please contact me about my coaching breakthroughs designed to eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs. We carry negative emotions deep in our nervous system that we put into place, deep in our unconscious minds, typically from our formative years. These emotions lead to thoughts, feelings, actions and subsequent results. The results can be positive or negative. I constantly remind myself that the mind can be our best friend, or our own worst enemy dependent on our ability to master emotions.

Premium breakthroughs take place at my office location in beautiful Deep Cove, BC. Prior to beginning a breakthrough session with Chad, he will ask you to perform proof, through a challenging task, of your desire and willingness to change your life dramatically with forever lasting change. Most premium breakthroughs occur over 3 sessions of 4 to 8 hours in duration.

Please contact me at to discuss pricing.